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We help high level marketing and sales executives escape the CRM hamster wheel. Real integrated methods and procedures for tangible results. Free initial consultation. We can train your IT staff to send massive campaigns, to raise the response rates, to funnel the responses to your call center, and your sales team to close a sale. We can also train your sales managers to run an efficient team. Join our community.

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Lauden Kleer Communications

Whether it's crafting compelling marketing campaigns, refining corporate messaging, or developing impactful digital strategies, the Lauden Kleer agency's expertise lies in simplifying and amplifying messages for maximum impact.

  • Enhance operational efficiency.
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As far back as the 80s, we have imported and exported industrial machinery between US, European and Latin American companies. Direct-E has been an innovator in advanced, data-driven direct marketing campaigns since to 90s. In 2003 we wrote Translatrader, a Windows program that prints International Trade forms in 33 languages. In 2005, our founder began his Business Broker career at the largest privately owned business brokers network in the USA. He was immediately hired as their Marketing Director and worked out of their main office handling all their advertising and marketing efforts for six months. During that time, over 450 businesses for sale came in as a direct result of his efforts. In 2007, Dan started Option Quest LLC in Connecticut. In 2009 Dan started Vogue Smoke, one of the first "electronic cigarette" operations in the Northeast. In 2014, Dan started Responsive Glass, a switchable glass company that sold product to Disney (FL), Multiver (Canada) and Apple Computers (AC2 theater in Cupertino). In 2020 he published "Close International Deals Like A Harvard MBA", and he is a frequent contributor to Quora, Academia, and other forums. Option Quest has developed one of the most advanced business brokerage portals in cooperation with IT Highway. Despite our dominance as "owners" of the most advanced business brokerage website, we retired it in 2018, in favor of easier and more "mobile friendly" methods and implementations. Over the years, our experience as international negotiators, elite marketers and business brokers gave us the necessary scaffold to remain a top notch consulting, advertising and marketing agency for nearly three decades.

Now we operate as Lauden Kleer. Contact us if you think we can help you.

What people are saying

"Working with Lauden Kleer Communications was a game-changer for me when it came to listing and selling my business. Their expertise and strategic approach made all the difference in attracting potential buyers and presenting my company in the best possible light. They crafted a compelling marketing campaign that effectively showcased the unique value proposition of my business, resulting in a successful sale. I highly recommend Lauden Kleer Communications to any business owner looking for exceptional communication support throughout the selling process."

— Samuel Walker

"Lauden Kleer Communications played an instrumental role in helping me list and sell my startup. Their team understood the challenges of positioning a young and innovative company in the market, and they created a comprehensive communication strategy that highlighted our potential to investors and buyers. Their expertise in crafting persuasive messages and their meticulous attention to detail ensured that our business received the attention it deserved. Thanks to Lauden Kleer Communications, we were able to attract the right buyers and achieve a successful sale."

— Natalie Carter

"I cannot thank Lauden Kleer Communications enough for their invaluable assistance in listing and selling my business. As a small business owner, I had concerns about standing out in a competitive market. However, their expertise and guidance were truly transformative. They not only helped me refine my business's messaging and value proposition but also developed a strategic marketing plan that showcased its strengths to potential buyers. Thanks to their support, I was able to sell my business quickly and at a favorable price. I highly recommend Lauden Kleer Communications to any entrepreneur looking to navigate the complex process of selling a business."

— Christopher Martin

About Us

Lauden Kleer Communications is a consulting firm active in advertising solutions, business brokerage, international trade, marketing consulting, operational efficiency consulting, and publication. We share our knowledge with you because we believe that when more businesspeople have the power tools to leverage their efforts correctly, society transforms and advances as a result.

If you benefited from our courses, we encourage you pay it forward and to teach others. Let's create the world of tomorrow by example.