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Transforming a Brand into a Cult

Advanced guide to consumer manipulation

The background

I have grown up as a child in a family that converted to a cult when I was five years old. In the late 90s up until September 11, 2001, I worked in a boutique Tribeca agency with over 60 Fortune 500 clients, who were using the same cult mechanics to reinforce "belief" in the minds of their audience. As a marketing director in one of the leading business brokerage chains, manipulation was the only way to bridge the gap between a seller's wants and a buyer's offer. Some of the most successful clients I've had running my own agency, implemented truly devious campaign, breaking all the rules you normally abide by, or which you are currently unaware can be broken. This course makes this information available to you, the smaller business owner who still believes in "ethics" and "morality". Whether you choose to pursue these tactics or just learn about them, it is important to know they exist. Knowledge and access to information are the new world currencies. As Jordan Peterson brilliantly states: "It is not enough to be smart, you need to acquire tools. You need tools to think with before you even attempt to tackle things to think about, or problems to resolve. The world is stale, and it screams for a change. I hope that information like this in your hands can help you become an agent for change. To your success!

Contagious branding

According to Marketing Experiments' MecLabs, the earlier in the design process a brand interacts with a "devious" agency that stops at nothing, and leaves no idea off the table, no matter how outrageous, or the sooner they renounce their limiting beliefs, the more options they have for positioning themselves for "contagion mechanics" at a lower cost of implementation. This course describes precisely what those steps are, should you wish to tackle it yourself.

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