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Workplace Safety and Security Protocols

Study this material to earn your safety certificate and worksite access ID badge

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Safety and Security Training per Person

It is assumed you have landed on this course while taking a different training program. This training is either low cost or free of charge for you. Do not underestimate its' importance. It is important for everyone at the work site to know not only the work procedures, but also share a core knowledge about safety and security, with standardized procedures known to all staff. 

Safety and security on-site management, if purchased, will cover the optional cost of training managers, inspectors, staff on site, travel, housing, equipment, etc. as listed in the respective detailed contract and rider. Optionally, you can use it program as a guide to implement your own system.

If you'd like to purchase scannable ID badges for the crews at the worksite, or to activate or deactivate an existing badge, contact us at or via SMS at +1 860 858 4676.

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