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Cinema in Advertising: The Screen To Sale Playbook

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The purpose of this book is to break down the elements of cinematography that will establish your confidence as an advertising spot director, so you can bring to life the subtle nuances that are called for in the screenplay.

We will study cinematic techniques which should be repeated just like a Karate student repeats their katas. The only way you will have the confidence to step in and perform a technique, sporting the confidence it will achieve the desired result, is if you practiced it to the point where perfect execution is routine for you. 

One of the biggest problems with today's commercials is that people who achieve cinematography level footage appear incapable of irony and satire, while those who can create amazing scripts, specifically humor, treat it like stand-up and somehow forget to make it cinematic.

Imagine if you could do both!

The HFA Screenplay Wizard Template, a step-by-step PDF form, which allows you to write commercial ads like a pro (we use it ourselves) is included FREE with this book. It actually works with the book. And you can be lazy, too. The form tells you which 10 pages to read, so you can get cranking out great ads without wasting a single minute.

Sample humor genre screenplay included so you can practice what you learn by producing your own ad. Or use it as a scaffold / template to create your own commercial screenplays.

You will get the following files:
  • PDF (15MB)
  • PDF (6MB)
  • PDF (29KB)