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This app resides on a separate domain. Use the back button to return to LKC. The Polymer Subgrades Course is a fast track tutorial that explains all the steps used in building gravel roads, highways, and touches on the most common capping methods. It includes a downloadable manual for polymer application procedures.

Take the worksite safety and security course if you were instructed by your team leader as a condition for obtaining access to the worksite. Use the form below to request a free account. Your supervisor may administer a test based on the course material to verify your knowledge before granting you access to the work site.

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Lauden Kleer Communications is a consulting firm active across a wide range of industries. We share our knowledge with you because we believe that when more businesspeople have the power tools to leverage their efforts correctly, society transforms and advances as a result.

If you benefited from our courses, we encourage you pay it forward and to teach others. Let's create the world of tomorrow by example.