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Close International Deals Like A Harvard MBA

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Legendary marketing executive and international trade expert, Dan Banici, reveals how to use International Trade together with a number of other advanced strategies to change your life forever. If you are tired of being suckered by one "guru" after another, pick this up. Learn it like you're going to Harvard, learn it by heart. The skills in it will make you powerful beyond anything you can imagine.

A down-to-Earth guide written in layman's terms for curious entrepreneurs who understand it's a big world out there and want to get in on the game fast. One by one, method by method, the most important secrets of the high level international trade pros are laid bare for you to copy:

  • how to broker letter of credit export transactions
  • how to encrypt and decrypt sensitive emails
  • speak with anyone, anywhere in their language
  • fast product and market research
  • negotiating tactics based on neuroscience
  • etiquette (how to behave in high society)
  • sales partnerships and sales audits
  • working as a business broker
  • agreements and contracts and much, much more.

´╗┐Are you tired of books where the authors had a single idea and stretched it into a whole book? Dan does the opposite here; he has compressed a lifetime of knowledge into a fast read, so you can take action and change your life now. If you are lucky enough to have a good mentor, you may learn one or two of these things. Frankly, you'd have to be a genius to know which subjects to pick in a sea of useless information. Consider this your MBA. Get learning the skills that will make you a business powerhouse. Whether you have entrepreneurial goals, need a refresher, or you want to run circles around your colleagues at work and show off with how fast you resolve problems, this book is for you.

We are currently working on a course to go along with the book, which will walk you through the chapters with even more examples and explanations, so you can practice the material as you study it. The related course, International Trade Expert Program comes with a test and a certificate to attest you have mastered the material.

You will get a PDF (7MB) file