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Sustainable Polymer Subgrades Certification

Learn how to prepare and deploy eco-friendly driving surfaces, fast and economically

What you will learn in this course

Think of a road like you do about a house. You need a foundation, walls and a roof. A road needs a well prepared soil to start on, called a subgrade. A layer of aggregate material placed on top of the subgrade to further support the road structure and provide drainage, called a subbase. A base course (optional for concrete surface) to distribute the load, and the surface asphalt or concrete slabs. Soils can be enhanced mechanically (using geosynthetics and crushed rock) or chemically (using polymers for elasticity and hardness, fly ash to reduce humidity, specialty products to make soil hydrophobic, etc). We will study a balanced diet of methods, products and techniques, so you know what to do when you're out in the field.

Bonus: Workplace Safety and Security Program

When the whole team who enters a workplace, especially when multiple companies work together on the same project, it is important that everyone follows the same security protocols, and the same safety standards.

This bonus program (and all our other programs) has a "Certificate of Completion", and also a "Passing Grade" Certificate, which you can request and obtain by passing a test to demonstrate your knowledge. If your employer asked you to take this course, they will ask you for your Passing Grade Certificate before they will issue an ID badge for you to enter a managed secure and safe worksite.

The security part familiarizes the student with common sense rules that everyone at the worksite will follow. The safety part addresses hazards, rules for various situations, and the necessary, mandatory minimum gear.

There are also sections for team managers to implement a safety and security protocol. How to scan an ID, how to train and rotate worksite inspectors, what their attributions will be, how to activate and deactivate an ID badge, how to complete weekly report, incident reports, accident reports, how to hold meetings, and so on.

Implementing safety and security measures in one program, shows your potential stakeholders and beneficiaries that you take your job seriously, and that working with you saves them time, money and complications related to risk management.

Course curriculum

Polymer Enhanced Subgrade and Gravel Road Techniques


Polymer Enhanced Subgrade & Gravel Road Techniques plus Marketing Masterclass